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SensorSuite® Inc. expands its energy-efficient services with newly-launched SuiteStat® software

The SuiteStat ® cloud-based system helps building managers monitor and control existing HVAC systems and improves energy performance and cost-effectiveness

Toronto, Ontario — SensorSuite® Inc. is pleased to expand its cloud-based, digital building assistant platform with the SuiteStat® system - a real-time IoT platform designed for easy monitoring and controlling of a building’ s energy input and outputs.

By retrofitting a building’ s existing HVAC equipment, the SuiteStat® system reduces operating costs for building owners through energy efficiency and real-time monitoring. The cloud-based dashboard provides a wireless solution that enables complete building automation control, along with advanced fault detection, diagnostics, troubleshooting capabilities, remote notifications, and performance reporting.

The SensorSuite® dashboard software and wireless turnkey products make multifamily and commercial buildings more cost-effective, energy-efficient and more comfortable for residents. This powerful dashboard is easily expandable to wirelessly support, visualize and control one to hundreds of buildings and suites with a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

The SensorSuite® system can alert building managers of water leaks, temperature changes, machine faults, and security risks such as when a door, garage or key area is opened. We can make any building “smart”, saving building managers both time and money.

SensorSuite® Inc. is a real-time sensor intelligence platform that connects managers to their buildings and the machines within. We reduce operational risks and improve the performance and efficiency of machines. Our energy management and cloud analytics platform empowers building managers to make informed decisions about their buildings.

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