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SensorSuite Drives Utility Savings with NEW BAS Lite Control System for Non-BAS Facilities

If you have been wondering how best to manage utilities in your non-BAS facilities, then you’ll want to read this case study.

SensorSuite took half a dozen buildings with no central control system, limited standalone

control devices, and some of the building HVAC equipment was at the end of its useful life, and transformed them into an optimized human experience. From anywhere in the world,

SensorSuite helps them unify different building legacy assets so that they can interact with each other and the building operators can monitor and control numerous devices through one dashboard viewing multiple facilities at once.

“With a singular focus to visualize, control and optimize the entire building, we will deliver consistent, bankable utility savings for our customers, effectively leaving the days of siloed, inefficient analogue building management systems where they belong, in the past.” - Glen Spry, President & CEO, SensorSuite Inc

Download the case study here :

Download PDF • 576KB

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