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The SensorSuite S-class wireless sensors are designed to be a plug and play system that enables integrators to add a digital nervous system to any building or thing, and monitor it in real-time. We've created simple IOT solutions for your business.

Wireless Sensors

Plug & Play System

Monitor in Real-Time

The SensorSuite S2 and S4 wireless nodes are the easiest way to monitor buildings and the things inside them from anywhere in the world. Use the S-Class nodes to monitor boiler rooms, common areas, mechanical rooms, and critical areas of your buildings.

It's very likely that your boiler is operating at a temperature that is too hot. By providing you with accurate analytics and statistics in real time, SensorSuite allows you to save energy, save time, save money and reduce operational risks.

Control Map For

Numerous Properties

The SensorSuite® Difference

Deploys in Minutes:


SensorSuite has created a true plug and play IOT solution. Powered by our intuitive sensor hardware and industry leading mobile commissioning tool InstallForce®

Powerful Dashboards:


The powerful SensorSuite app helps gain insight and analytics on your buildings and machines, and sends alerts the instant a problem happens.

Monitor any Machine:

Monitor the status of temperature, power, runtime, and more. All SensorSuite-enabled machines can be monitored from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Enterprise Grade:

SensorSuite®, an innovator in smart building technology, has created the first affordable enterprise-level smart building solution. Permanent sensors, robust wireless, and AES encryption and certificates.

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