Case Study: MooreGate Apartments

TimberCreek identified water leakage and reduced overall usage through WaterLink Analytics

SensorSuite’s WaterLink allow stakeholders to gain a more detailed understanding of the building’s performance. This 199-suite building reduced the water baseline consumption through WaterLink analytics and by conducting a suite-by- suite tune up. This solution is saving this facility around $121,618 per year with a Return on Investment (ROI) of 1.2 months.

The Results

SensorSuite’s WaterLink monitoring help identified water leakage and is saving this facility approximately $121,618 per year with a ROI of 1.2 months.


Client Challenge

  1. Rising Water Costs

    Achieve water bill savings through smart monitoring of your water and energy systems

  2. Remote management of suites and building controls

    Enable remote, decentralized load management for scheduling and consumption reduction

SensorSuite Matrix™ Platform

Installed 2017

SensorSuite® installed its SensorSuite Matrix™ gateway and WaterLink on the bulk water meter in the facility. After gathering baseline data and comparing to a similar building, it was presumed there was significant water leakage. The leakage was then alleviated through one of the most effective methods of reducing water consumption, a suite-by- suite tune up. This method reduced the daily building average by 47%.




Projected Total

Annual Cost Reduction

Projected Total

Annual Consumption Reduction

Months ROI

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