Case Study: Non-Profit Housing

This 66 suite Non Profit Housing offers affordable non-profit housing for the local community. SensorSuite’s SuiteHeat solution is saving this housing around $13,727 per year with a Return on Investment (ROI) of 2.7 years

The Results

The customer applied for the save ON energy RETROFIT Program, funded by the IESO and received $7,263 as a project incentive. The projected savings of up to 25% was exceeded with 34% annual consumption reduction. SensorSuite’s SuiteHeat solution is saving this housing approximately $14,190 per year with a ROI of 2.65 years.

SensorSuite has been providing free save ON energy Business program support to business customers since 2012. This includes acting as the Application Representative for any business customers seeking incentives for completing electricity saving retrofit projects in collaboration with SensorSuite.

As the Application Representative for NPHC, SensorSuite looked after the entire incentive application process in an effort to realize the maximum incentive amount available for this Custom Track retrofit project. As a new SensorSuite client, this service was extended for free.


Client Challenge

  1. Rising Energy Costs

    Achieve energy bill savings through demand management without affecting customer experience

  2. Remote management of suites and building controls

    Enable remote, decentralized load management for scheduling and consumption reduction

SensorSuite Matrix™ Platform

Installed 2017

SensorSuite® installed its SensorSuite Matrix™ gateway and 66 EM1 Wireless Energy Management controllers on every electric baseboard heater unit in the facility. Every controller had a temperature sensor and power sensor. After two initial weeks of gathering baseline data, the controllers were set to function in Demand Management mode. EM1 Energy Management controllers perform demand management intelligently by enabling electrical loads to communicate and coordinate with one another, thereby reducing the number of loads running at the same time. The system’s proprietary SensorSuite Matrix™ platform allowed for significant reductions in electrical demand while maintaining occupant comfort. The controllers also did this automatically, eliminating all intervention from the facility employees.




Actual Total

Annual Cost Reduction

Actual Total

Annual Consumption Reduction

Projected 98,056 kWh

Awarded Retrofit Incentive


Years ROI

Projected $13,727

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