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A Complete Suite Of Monitoring And Control Solutions For Your Boilers & Electrically Heated Buildings

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SensorSuite®, an innovator in smart building technology, has created the first affordable enterprise-level smart building solution. A complete suite of monitoring and control solutions for your boilers & electrically heated buildings. Our powerful dashboard and turnkey wireless sensor products can monitor anything in your building, and take control of your gas boiler and electric buildings.

Creating Smart Buildings,

One Portfolio at a time.

Large buildings/towers in downtown hubs, have yielded great return on investments and paybacks through the adoption of building automation systems and controls. Large buildings benefit from economies of scale. This represents only a small portion of the market.

SensorSuite®, as a leading Internet of Things Company in Canada focuses on the optimization and efficiency of HVAC systems in small and mid-market buildings for REITs and other Portfolio managers. Focusing on energy savings through control and optimization through its Building Automation in the Cloud.

Offering control solutions for legacy and decentralized HVAC such as; electric baseboard heat, Packaged Terminal Air-Conditioners (PTACs), Fan Coils, Heat Pump systems, Rooftop Units and Boilers. As well as Energy Management for everything HVAC in your building.

Control Solutions

Control your electric baseboard and boiler buildings.

Rooftop Air Handling

Unit Buildings

Electrically Heated Buildings

Boiler Heated Buildings

How SensorSuite® Solutions Work

Wireless, Robust,& Secure Sensors

Powerful Dashboards

Enable the SensorSuite® Matrix™

Intuitive plug and play SensorSuite® IoT sensors securely connect sensor data to the SensorSuite cloud. Deploy anywhere in your building to monitor any environment or condition

Connect your SensorSuite-enabled machine to the SensorSuite Matrix™ cloud - either on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

The powerful SensorSuite app helps gain insight and analytics on your buildings and machines, and sends alerts the instant a problem happens

Why Choose SensorSuite®?

"I can recommend Sensorsuite Inc. with great confidence to provide solid and reliable monitoring and control solutions with sound engineering principles."

- Jeff W.

Wynn Group

"SensorSuite helps building owners and landlords be as efficient as possible, especially in older buildings that don’t have more modern, efficient systems and structures."

- The Globe and Mail

"SensorSuite's solutions have resulted in excellent energy savings in both electricity and natural gas usage and provides our mechanical staff with better notification tools to manage our portfolio of buildings."

- David G.

King St.Enterprises

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