Secure Infrastructure for Today's Connected World


Encryption: Communication between devices and the SensorSuite™ cloud is fully encrypted by 128-bit TLS encryption using the latest and most secure encryption algorithms;

Firewalls: all systems are protected by firewalls, which block all traffic except that which is necessary for site operations;

Code review: all code is subject to a code review process, with a strong focus on security;

Permission management: all permissions and operations are managed under the principle of least privilege.


Scheduled: SensorSuite does regular off-site backups of its customer data; this data is fully encrypted using 2048 bit encryption keys and stored in a secure location;

Access Control: Access to backups is strictly limited to employees that require access.

Data Retention / Audit Trail

Comprehensive: All customer activity is logged for security purposes; this includes IP addresses, date/time of activity, and basic description of action;

Longevity: This information is kept for a minimum of 5 years.

Policies and Procedures

Access: Only employees with direct production responsibilities have access to the production environments/infrastructure;

Separation of Duties: We employ a strict separation of duties policy; management tools and interfaces are assigned on a as-needed basis and follow the principle of least privilege;

Need to Know Basis: Access to customer security keys by employees is strictly restricted on a need-to-know basis. Our resellers and installers do not have access to customer security keys; these are pre-assigned at the factory and never given out;

Consequences: any unauthorized access to customer data will result in immediate employee termination.